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Cellulite Treatment Gel


Rebooty is the answer to your cellulite woes



This firming gel contains draining and firming properties designed to blast away cellulite whilst plumping and smoothing your booty and thighs. This formula creates a fast action micro-circulation of the skin and stimulates the disposal of unwanted fat cells, making it ideal for instant tightening results. Within a matter of months you will notice a reduction in cellulite with firmer lifted skin.

With active ingredients like Fucus Vesiculosus and Hedera Helix extract this is one of the most effective extracts to combat cellulite and a powerful weapon for fat burning and thread veins. Rebooty is the perfect product for women looking to achieve a sleek, smooth look. It’s quickly absorbed so you can get on with your day without the greasy residue left behind by other cellulite creams. No need for rinsing!


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